Brueninghaus A2V Axial piston variable pumps 250 - 1000


a2v 1000

We are happy to repair axial piston variable pumpWith variable pumps, the displacement volume can be changed during operation.s in nominal sizes 250, 355, 500 and 1000.

Casing pumps or built-in pumps, with feather keys or splined shafts, closed circuit, semi-closed or open circuit – as specialists in the maintenance of industrial hydraulicsIndustrial hydraulics or stationary hydraulics are permanently installed in one place. These include presses, rolling machines, machine tools, and other stationary machines., we guaranty absolute reliability and adherence to delivery dates.


All nominal sizes at a glance:

  • A2V 250
  • A2V 355
  • A2V 500
  • A2V 1000
The different types of adjustment (adjustment devices) of the A2V at a glance:
  OV No adjustment
HD Hydraulic adjustment, pressure dependent
HW Hydraulic adjustment, stroke dependent
HM Hydraulic adjustment, volume dependent
HS Hydraulic adjustment, volume dependent: for servo valve attachment
HSK Hydraulic adjustment, volume dependent: for servo and short-circuit valve attachment
EO Electronic adjustment
EOK Electronic adjustment with short-circuit valve
EL Electronic adjustment, electro-mechanical
MA Manual adjustment
DRH 1   Hydraulically actuated pressure regulator
DRH 2 Hydraulically actuated pressure regulator with relief
DRH 3 Hydraulically actuated pressure regulator with two control points
DRH 4 Hydraulically actuated pressure regulator with two control points and relief
DRH 5 Hydraulically actuated pressure regulator with three control points
DRE Pressure regulator electro-hydraulicThe use of liquids to transmit force and energy. actuation


Type key example:
A2V | 1000 | HD | H | R | 5 | E | P


Break down of a type key:
A2V  = Pump type
1000 = Nominal size
HD    = Adjustment device
H      = Circuit type
R      = Rotation direction
5       = Series
E      = Model
P       = Shaft end

We would be pleased to maintain your hydraulic units.



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