Moog hydraulic pumps / RKP - repair, maintenance or new


Moog RKP hydraulic pump, radial piston pump

Radial hydraulicThe use of liquids to transmit force and energy. pumps from Moog (also known as RKP), previously Bosch RKP, are high-performance variable pumpsWith variable pumps, the displacement volume can be changed during operation. for industrial applications. Resilient, hard-wearing, long service life, highly reliable, short adjustment times, and high efficiency are the distinguishing features of these pumps. We are happy to supply these radial piston pumps in the required size, with analogue or digital controls.


On request, we can also handle the professional repair / maintenance of Moog radial piston pumps, which are available in seven sizes from 19 cm³/U to 140 cm³/U.




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