Brueninghaus axial piston pump A7V 250 - 1000


All sizes of the Brueninghaus hydraulic pumpHydraulic pumps convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy (or vice versa). As a rule, the pump draws the pressurised fluid from a storage tank and conveys it to the pump outlet. From here, it is conducted via valves to cylinders or hydromotors (load consumers) and back to the storage tank. A7V 250 – 1000 at a glance:

  • A7V 250
  • A7V 355
  • A7V 500
  • A7V 1000


The different control devices of the Brueninghaus hydraulicThe use of liquids to transmit force and energy. pump A7V:

LV = Power controller
DR = Pressure controller
EL = Electric control (with adjustment solenoid)
HD = Hydraulic control, pilot pressure dependent
MA = Manual control (with hand valve)


Ordering code example:

A7V | 250 | LV | 5.1 | R | Z | F | H | O


Ordering code for standard program:

A7V = Axial piston unit
250 = Size
LV = Control device
5.1 = Operating mode
R = Direction of rotation
Z = Shaft end
F = Line connection
H = Additional attachment
O = Additional attachment


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